Property Tax Depreciation Services


Economiser (Self Assessment Worksheet)

This type of report is based on the ATO guidelines for the Self Assessment Rules. Under these guidelines it is up to you as the taxpayer to provide accurate and reasonable information to complete your property depreciation schedule. Write It Off accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the depreciation report if in the event the information..

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Full on-site Inspection

Our Property Depreciation Schedules are compiled based on over a decade of experience and expertise in the property depreciation industry. The entire Write It Off team are some of the best in the industry with all the experience and qualifications needed to let you be assured you are receiving the maximum from your property depreciation claim.

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Property Depreciation Report

What We Do

Property tax deductions, including plant & equipment depreciation and building allowances, are a valuable aspect of any property investment. After interest expenses, depreciation is generally the largest deduction available to property investors. At Write It Off we accurately prepare property depreciation reports to allow you to maximise your depreciation deduction. Remember the bigger the deduction the greater the cashflow return from your investment.

We send an experienced building inspector out to your property to take a full inventory and value all of the depreciable assets that form part of your investment. We then provide you with a comprehensive 40-year quantity surveyor depreciation report that allows you to clearly see your property depreciation claim over the life of your property.

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    What are the steps involved in arranging a depreciation schedule through Write It Off?

    In order to complete a Depreciation Schedule for your investment property Write It Off will firstly assess your property by means of a detailed property inspection. We are happy to arrange this inspection through the managing agent for the property or directly with you or your tenants.

    We will need the folowing information from you:

    • Purchase (settlement) date and the date the property became‘available for rent’
    • Cost and purchase date of any item you have purchased since owning the property
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    What are the benefits of a depreciation schedule from Write It Off?

    • Thorough Analysis of your property.
    • Years of industry experience.
    • Comprehensive Depreciation Report to maximise your tax claim.
    • Increased net cash return on your investment.
    • No payment upfront. We will only ask you to pay once we have completed your report.


Testimonials from clients who have used our depreciation services


Mike Castle

Thank you for the prompt dispatch of the completed Tax Depreciation Schedule for Greg and Emily for Earle Place Page. I have recieved the hard copy through the post. Would it be possible to also send me a PDF electronic copy so I can send it to Greg and Emily who are in the USA? A great service and most impressed with the comprehensive nature of the schedule. I would recommend your full inspection service to anyone. Thanking you in anticipation. Best regard

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