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What Does a Quantity Surveyor Do?

There are numerous large construction projects out there. Ever thought who estimates or controls the construction costs?

Yes, the task of controlling and estimating the cost of construction projects is done by quantity surveyors.


They ensure that all the projects are up to the mark meeting the quality as well as legal standards. The involvement of a quantity surveyor is at all the stages of the project, so the clients rely largely on them for the final outcome for their value of money.


As a quantity surveyor there are a lot of responsibilities to handle like estimating the quantity, costs and timelines of the project so that the same information can be passed to the clients.

They are also known as cost consultants because the main task is to keep the project within budget. The responsibilities to be undertaken by a quantity surveyor are-


  • Preparing the quantity requirements as well as reviewing the construction plans.
  • Scrutinizing the material and maintenance costs to crack the best deals.
  • Liaising with the clients, managers, contractors and the sub contractors.
  • Preparation of the reports, analysis, budgets, contracts, risk assessment and various other documents.
  • Advisory services to the clients and the managers for adopting various new strategies and improvements thereon.
  • Keeping a check on the availability of the material and ordering when more is required.
  • Updating the budgets timely and documenting whenever there are changes in designs.
  • Maintaining and establishing professional relationships with the internal and the external stakeholders.
  • Travelling as per the requirements from offices to various construction sites.



Basically, quantity surveyors are involved in all aspects of the building process and have a thorough understanding of the costs involved from beginning to end.

This is why a quantity surveyor is best suited to cost your property for a depreciation schedule for your investment to help you maximize your depreciation claim and your return on investment.