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Property Tax Depreciation Services

Two Service Options Available. Full on-site Inspection or Economiser (Self Assessment Worksheet). Please read more below…..

Economiser (Self Assessment Worksheet) Total price $320.00 (inc GST)

The Economiser Service would suit

  • Someone who is confident to be able to take measurements of their own property
  • Property is fairly standard and intention is to not claim any capital works changes. (However original construction cost will be included)
  • Where the investment property is located in a remote location

Drawbacks to the Economiser

  • More work for you the customer in measuring and completing the forms
  • No on-site inspection by Write It Off
  • If changes have been made to the property prior to you taking ownership then these costs cannot be included in your report unless for some reason you have accurate costs and dates of the changes. This could significantly affect your overall claim
  • If in any doubt we strongly recommend you use our Premium Service to allow us to cost all historical changes to your property to maximise your claim.
  • Please note (very important) you cannot estimate or cost any changes to the property yourself. This must be done by an appropriately qualified building inspector.

Tax Rules

This type of report is based on the ATO guidelines for the Self Assessment Rules. Under these guidelines it is up to you as the taxpayer to provide accurate and reasonable information to complete your property depreciation schedule. Write It Off accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the depreciation report if in the event the information provided is found to be false or misleading.

Economiser report service contains the following:
Tax effective 40 year depreciation report based on your measurements and any costs provided.

What you need to do:

  • Complete the Self Assessment Worksheet with a few details about you and your property
  • Complete details about:
    • – the inclusions within the property
    • – type of floorings and floor areas
    • – renovations or changes to the property where you have the accurate costings
    • – total number of square metres of the property
    • – photos of the property (optional)
    • – floorplan of the property (optional).
    • – Contact the local city council to obtain the construction date (occupancy date) of your property or it may be in your purchase contract.

Once you have all the information, download the “Self Assessment Worksheet” and save a copy on your computer. Complete the form in the areas applicable to your property and then you can either scan and email your completed “Self Assessment Worksheet” to or alternatively, fax the completed “Self Assessment Worksheet” to us on Fax: 1300 406 229. This will enable us to complete your property depreciation report.

Should you have trouble with any part of the worksheet or require any further assistance, email us at or call 1300 883 760 and let our friendly staff assist you.

Want to complete the information required for an Economiser Report?

Full on-site Inspection – Please contact our office to obtain your Quote. Very competitive pricing!

Our Property Depreciation Schedules are compiled based on over a decade of experience and expertise in the property depreciation industry. The entire Write It Off team are some of the best in the industry with all the experience and qualifications needed to let you be assured you are receiving the maximum from your property depreciation claim.

The full on-site inspection service contains the following:

  • Full on site inspection of your investment property.
  • Costing of all depreciable assets including:
    • – Initial construction cost of the dwelling
    • – All Plant & Equipment that forms part of the property
    • – All building surrounds and outdoor assets
    • – Property changes that have been made by previous owners
    • – Changes by by the current owner
  • Tax effective 40 year depreciation report designed to maximise your legimate tax claim
  • Your property depreciation report is then individually checked and verified for quality assurance by:
    • – A Registered Tax Agent who verifies every report for compliance.
    • – A member of The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors who checks and signs your report.
  • Fast turnaround time. Your report will be finished within 7 working days from inspection date.
  • No upfront fees. You will be invoiced upon completion of the report.

We will organise everything including:

  • Contacting your property manager to obtain tenant details
  • Contact the tenant to arrange a suitable inspection time
  • Conduct a thorough property inspection to determine all relevant deductions and changes to the original property that may be deductible.

Handitax Imports for Accountants

Write It Off is able to provide any accountants who have a client with one of our Depreciation Reports a CSV file that can be imported directly into Handitax.  This feature is available for anyone who has booked our service from 26/6/15 onwards.  We can provide the figures for the first financial year that the property became Available for Rent. For example if the owner of the property made the property available for rent on 1/2/14 then we can provide the figures for the 30/6/14 financial year.  We encourage any accountants to use this service by contacting our office on Ph: 02 6241 2265 or and we will email you the file at no additional cost.  Any feedback on the content of the file and the data provided is welcomed!

For further enquiries, please call our office on Ph: 1300 883 760, email or complete a quote request form in the Contact Us tab on our website to obtain an accurate quote.