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    Self Assessment Worksheet

    Property Details:

    Some helpful instructions:

    • When measuring a room for floor coverings say 3 metres by 4 metres then we need you to write down 12 square metres in the appropriate box. Obviously you would have to do this for each room and add them together to give us your total answer for each type of floor covering.
    • When measuring window furnishings measure the width of the window say 1.8metres and then tell us if this is a quarter size window, a half window or a full window that nearly covers the wall from floor to ceiling.
    • You can only include kitchen assets, laundry or furniture that you actually own and that you have provided for the tenants use. i.e: you cannot include the clothes dryer in your list if there is one in the property but is owned by the tenant.

    Very Important:

    Near the end of this worksheet, we ask you about renovations / upgrades (what we call Capital Works Items) to the property. If you do not know the cost or date of any renovations, you cannot include it in your worksheet. If you know of any renovations that you do not know the cost and date of and you would like to have included in your report, you should consider using our Premium package and have one of building inspectors assess the size of your renovation claim. Examples: kitchen upgrade, bathroom upgrade, extensions, pergolas, paving, retaining walls etc etc. Having these included could add considerable value to your claim.

    Section 1 - Plants and Articles (Inclusions)

    What sort of heating/cooling does it have?

    Ducted Heating

    Ducted Reverse Cycle

    Evaporative Cooling

    Reverse Cycle Room Unit
    (Large Capacity eg > 5.5kW)

    Reverse Cycle Room Unit
    (Small Capacity eg < 5.5kW)

    Gas Wall Furnace

    Wall Heater


    Floor Coverings:

    Condition (Sq. Metres)
    New/Near New



    Floating Wood




    Tiles (exclude wet areas)

    Note: Measure each room and add all the same rooms together. Eg: Bedroom One, 3m x 4m = 12 sq metres plus Bedroom Two 3.5m x 3.6m = 12.6 sq metres. Total 24.6 sq metres.
    Polished Wood, Tiles, Slate and Concrete floors cannot be included in this section but if cost and date known they can be included in Renovation / Capital Works section below.

    Window Furnishings

    Curtains & Drapes Width. Please measure in linear metres.

    Heavy Back
    Heavy Back & Lace
    Full Length

    1/2 Length

    1/4 Length

    Blinds Width. Please measure in linear metres.

    Wooden Venetians
    Other pls specify

    Full Length

    1/2 Length

    1/4 Length

    Outdoor Blinds and Awnings Width. Please measure in linear metres.

    Full Awnings
    Full Length

    1/2 Length

    1/4 Length

    Kitchen Appliances:





    Upright Stove:



    Laundry Assets:

    Outdoor Assets:

    Hot Water

    Sprinkler / Irrigation Systems

    * Please note only include the control devices here not the actual sprinklers or sprinkler pipe. The latter has to be included in Renovations / Capital Works section below if applicable.

    Garage Assets:

    *Only include automatic garage doors here not manual doors.

    Other Depreciable Assets:

    Ceiling Fans

    Ceiling Fans with light

    Door Closers

    Door Stops


    Ducted Vacuuming

    Exhaust Fans

    Exhaust Fans with light

    Heated Towel Rails


    Intercom System (usually only in units or apartments)

    IXL Tastics 3 globe

    IXL Tastics 5 globe

    Lights - Protruding (Inside)

    Lights - Protruding (Outside)

    Recessed Lights (total inside and out)

    Security System

    Shower Curtains

    Smoke Detectors (Battery)

    Smoke Detectors (Hardwired)

    Solar Lights

    Solar Panel (how many or specify kilowatts)

    Spa Bath Pumps

    Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pool - Cleaner

    Swimming Pool - Heater

    Tennis Court

    Water Pumps

    Weather Strips


    If the property is furnished, you will need to provide a separate list with the furniture and its value.
    Eg: Dining table and 4 chairs $375.00

    Section 2 - Common Property

    This section is only relevant to units and townhouse complexes where there may be common area assets that are depreciable.

    Is there:


    Section 3 - Renovations / Capital Works

    Renovations are usually major changes made to the original property that form part of the property but is not an inclusion.  Eg: updating the kitchen cupboards is a renovation but putting in a new oven is not a renovation and should be made part of the inclusions.

    In this section we need what was done, when it was done (month & year) and how much it cost.  If you do not have receipts or proof of works carried out or details of the renovation works from the council you cannot include it as part of your worksheet. In this instance it may be advisable for you to opt for the Premium Package Option where we conduct an on-site inspection (by one of our qualified building inspectors) of your property and provide an estimate of the renovation works carried out so it can be claimed in your depreciation report.

    Listed are some of the common changes made to properties but if there are others please add.



    Hard Landscaping:

    Security Systems:


    Water Tank:

    Kitchen Upgrade:

    Bathroom Upgrade:

    Other: (please specify the date and cost of your other renovations/capital works)

    Section 4

    Construction Cost

    You must provide us with the original date of construction of your property.

    • If property was built before 18th July 1985 then you do not need to complete this section. Just answer 'Yes' to the first question and move onto 'Photos'.
    • Construction Cost: You do not have to provide this information, it is only if you know it
      and obtained your information from an authorised source such as council or builder.
      This is the cost to build your property - it does not include land value, stamp duty or
      legal fees. If your property was built prior to 1985, the construction cost is not
    • Contract Price: This is the cost to build your property - it does not include land value,
      stamp duty or legal fees. This information will only be required if you have contracted
      a builder to build the property for you. Please provide a copy of the inclusions list and
      note that a copy of the Builders Contract may be required to ensure the accuracy of the
      depreciation schedule.
    • A floorplan with measurements would be helpful with the total number of square
      metres of the building (including attached garages, porch, balconies and alfresco
      areas). See below.
    • At the very least we need a year of construction and a total number of square metres


    If you answered Yes above, skip this section and move onto Photos.

    Construction/Building Cost:

    Note: You must at least give us a year of construction

    The following is not the purchase price. It is the building cost of the dwelling. If you don't know it, leave blank:

    Local CouncilBuilders ContractOther, please specify


    Note: Have you either given us the construction cost of the property,
    a floorplan with measurements or the total number of square metres
    of the building. You must give us at least one out of these 3.


    This is optional for you but may help us in assessing the values to add into your report. A photo that takes in each room, front of house and backyard would be helpful. If you do take photos of your property, please reduce in size before emailing to us.

    Floorplan of your property

    Again this is optional, but would help us with your report. If you were unable to obtain construction cost from your builders contract then you will have to provide a floorplan with overall floor area or provide us with the total number of square metres of the property. Please separate Gross Living Area, Garage, Alfresco, Porch & Balconies