Changes relating to the May 2017 Budget

Created On: 15-Aug-2017 3:31 am

On the 9th of May 2017, the Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison announced in his budget a proposal that will change aspects of Property Depreciation. After a period of public consultation, input from com


How You Benefit from a Depreciation Schedule

Created On: 23-Mar-2016 4:25 pm

Depreciation is one of the biggest and most under-utilised claims available to property investors. Many people do not realise the cash flow benefits of obtaining a depreciation schedule which can resu


Depreciation and Foreign Investment Properties

Created On: 07-Sep-2015 4:13 pm

The following has been written assuming you need to lodge an Australian tax return. The reasons you would need to lodge a tax return in Australia are long and varied and depend on individual circumsta


Low Value Pool

Created On: 14-May-2015 9:42 am

How Does Low Value Pooling WorkLow Value Pooling (LVP) is just another form of depreciation available to the taxpayer. The advantages of a LVP are it allows you to accelerate your depreciation eff


Joint Tenants vs Tenants In Common

Created On: 14-May-2015 9:40 am

When two or more people own a property together they may either own it as joint tenants or tenants in common. We often have clients ask us what the difference is between the two types of ownership. W


Rental Properties and Natural Disasters

Created On: 17-Apr-2015 9:35 am

Rental Properties, Natural Disasters and Insurance Payouts We assume your property is a rental property and used for investment purposes.Normal repairs to your rental property are tax deductions


Prime Cost Vs Diminishing Value

Created On: 06-Apr-2015 12:17 pm

The question needs to asked is the Prime Cost method of Depreciation relevant anymore? Do circumstances still exist that that you would choose the Prime Cost method of depreciation over Diminishing Va


No Rental Income

Created On: 06-Apr-2015 12:16 pm

Can you claim rental expenses (depreciation) if your property does not produce rental income? Example: Joe & Mary have owned a property for a number of years in Sydney and decided to make it ava